Patients say they can’t use the medication due to price and side effects

PEPIDO, Ecuador — A family of four is struggling to pay the high cost of the drug used to treat the flu.Their mother, who suffers from severe respiratory infections, can’t afford it.So she buys it in bulk at a local drugstore, which is not in the area, and then sells it online.The drug is available…

Published by admin inOctober 29, 2021

PEPIDO, Ecuador — A family of four is struggling to pay the high cost of the drug used to treat the flu.

Their mother, who suffers from severe respiratory infections, can’t afford it.

So she buys it in bulk at a local drugstore, which is not in the area, and then sells it online.

The drug is available in a variety of flavors and at a discounted price.

The woman, who goes by the name Maria, said she has tried to find other doctors who can prescribe the drug at affordable prices, but they cannot afford it either.

“I am worried about my health and my family, so I am going to have to give up my medicine,” she said.

Maria, who is from Peru, said that she can’t find a doctor willing to prescribe the PEPIDs.

Her son, who has asthma, cannot afford the medication either.

“My daughter, she is going to be hospitalized in the hospital, she has asthma and it is getting worse,” she added.

Her family members, who have a child with the same condition, are not too concerned about the medication, but the mother is worried about her family members.

She said they will be spending their entire savings on the medicine.

Maria said she was able to get the medication for free because of the government’s policy of providing subsidized medicines to the poor.

“I was able because I am a nurse.

I am helping the people.

I have given my heart to the people,” she explained.

The government’s subsidy program, which began in 2013, provides free medicine for the poor, which they can then sell to the pharmacies and buy the drug online.

The program, known as the ELPA, covers medicines for children under 18 years old, adults over 65 years old and pregnant women.

The price for the drug is usually $200-$250 a month.

However, in the past few months, the price has doubled to $1,200-$1,300 a month, Maria said.

Maria said she is having difficulty buying the medication in a big supermarket.

“They sell them in one corner and I can’t even get them out of the back.

They sell them there in a huge bag, but I cannot take it out of my bag,” she told CNN.

In the meantime, the family is in constant anxiety.

“We can’t eat because we can’t buy any food,” she lamented.

“We are very worried about our children.

We cannot get a job.

We are working hard for them, but we cannot find work.

We can’t pay our taxes.

We have no money for school,” Maria said, adding that the government has stopped paying her child support.”

There are people here who are dying because of their conditions, we are not able to do anything,” she continued.

The PEPIDS are a generic version of the PEDAR and are used to prevent the spread of influenza.

But many countries have been reluctant to provide PEPIs, and it has been a challenge for the United States, which has about 1.5 million people who have been given them, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In an effort to ease the burden, a number of countries, including Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia, have been providing free PEPI pills to people who need them.

But as the cost of drugs has gone up, the demand for the PIPEDAR has also risen, as more people are taking the medication to control their symptoms.

In the United Arab Emirates, where the drug was initially created, there are now about 200,000 patients taking the PipEDAR daily, said Mohammed al-Makki, the CEO of the Gulf Health Association, which represents health workers in the country.

The United Arab Emirate is the first Gulf state to have a PEPEDAR.

The government launched the program to provide access to the medication and to reduce the costs of the medication.

Al-Mikki said the program has been effective.

“There has been an overall reduction in influenza cases, there has been very high infection rates,” he said.

In February, the UAE announced that it would phase out the PPP-N drug, which was first approved in the United states in 2007, and the UAE is the only country in the Gulf region that does not have the drug.

The UAE is also the only Gulf country that does no provide PPPs to anyone under the age of 65.

“The program has succeeded in providing the necessary medication and we hope it will continue to work in the future,” said Mohammed Haidar, a spokesman for the health ministry.

The number of cases in the UAE has also decreased from the last year, when the number of new infections were about 20,000.

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